New incra LS17 & LS25 positioner hinged shelf
Easiest way to attach Folding Incra Shelf

On a flat surface turn the table top upside down. The Incra shelf upside down, centered to the table top. (If you are using the LS17 set shorter end back). (If using the LS25 use the longer end back). Make sure that both edges are tight. Then screw the 2 table locks in place about 1" in from the outside edges. Small lock on the top and lever lock on the shelf base.....

Place the router table top on the lower cabinet & screw in place. Then attach the 16" HD folding brackets to the lower cabinet 14.5" apart, tight to the top.(the brackets are marked top up).
Set the shelf in place using the table locks to keep it place tight. Then screw the brackets to the incra shelf top. Line up the LS17 base to the center of the router insert. Mark and drill four 1/4" holes to attach the Incra jig

All hardware is included If you have any questions call Joe 1-877-418-2932
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