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Only difference between each model is the wood trim

Router table new drawer configuration

The left hand side of the cabinet has 3 drawers that will hold 32 1/2 shank router bits.
(bits not included)

The right hand side of the cabinet, the top drawer is the safety paddle switch, the middle drawer holds 22 1/4 shank router bits and the bottom drawer is your tool drawer box.

The dust collection port on these units are on the right hand side.

RT1000XL router table

Excellent choice if you are looking for one of the best router table "station"
IN North America
If You would like to see a Video on the RT1000XL here are 2 choices
video #1 video #2
Reasonably Priced and Delivered right to your door

After receiving it, only takes 10 minutes to remove it from the shipping containers
Then takes 10-20 minutes to fully assemble.
Joe & Aggie Barbosa
1045 Thorburn Rd, RR1 Thorburn
Nova Scotia, Canada

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Last modified: January 2015

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